“Sunset over Mt Duval” 2021

I am an illustrator, mural painter and all round creative type. My murals can be seen in the Armidale War Memorial Library and the Armidale town centre. I was commissioned to develop concept art for the Boilerhouse Discovery Space that explores the interface of science and art and am currently working on a science inspired children’s book in collaboration with Dr Deborah Bower, which I cant wait to share with the world! You can buy prints and products with my art on them on Redbubble, you can follow my artistic musings on Instagram or you can send me an email at james.c.ohanlon[at]gmail.com.

Science and Art are one in the same, in that they allow us to explore ideas, explore the world around us, and to grasp new conceptual possibilities. For me art and science both allow me to contribute something to the world around me; whether its a new piece of scientific information that contributes to a much larger puzzle, or simply a painting of an octopus with a hat on, these are things that never existed before we bring them to light. Teaching other people art is an incredibly empowering experience, as you give them the tools and ability to shape the world around them and bring their own ideas to life.

“Balance” 2019 – Boilerhouse Discovery Space concept art